JOMISE K17 4K 12″ Rear View Mirror Camera Review

JOMISE K17 4K 12″ Rear View Mirror Dash Cam: A Detailed Review

In the ever-growing dash cam market, the JOMISE K17 4K 12″ Rear View Mirror Camera makes a statement. With a 4.4/5 rating on Amazon, it’s clear to see that many users have experienced the technology and features this dash cam has to offer. However, as with any technological product, it comes with its highlights and challenges, which we’ll delve into in this review.

Specifications and Features

The JOMISE K17 is equipped with a top-tier Sony IMX415 sensor, promising 4K UHD image quality and 8-megapixel output, which is more than capable of creating crystal clear images. The rear lens covers five whole lanes behind the car, ensuring greater safety during your drive. Its 12″ IPS touch screen, brighter and bigger than its 11” predecessor, delivers HD pictures without the need for any additional device to read the content. Additionally, it is powered by Type-C, which ensures faster charging speed, higher power capacity, and better durability.

Interestingly, the JOMISE K17 offers Super Night Vision with an automatic WDR/HDR adjustment for a clear shot in diverse weather and lighting conditions. Alongside this, the dash cam comes with a one year warranty, smart functions such as parking monitoring, free 32GB Card, G-Sensor, speed alert, adjustable display view angle, etc.


The front camera quality is top-notch, and you can easily spot number plates and street signs while going through the recordings. The wide rearview effectively reduces blind spots, which customers have highlighted as a great safety feature. The touch screen provides a user-friendly interface that simplifies its operation.

Many of our users have praised the discreet design of the camera and its simplicity of installation. In terms of value for money, the JOMISE K17-4K Mirror Dash Cam is a popular choice amongst users who prefer a cost-effective gadget.


Despite its impressive features, the JOMISE K17 does have some areas of improvement. Some users have reported that the glare from headlights is fairly high when driving at night. While the back camera does a great job capturing a wide view, the quality of the image could be enhanced further to provide better visibility.

The frame rate for video recording is not mentioned in the manual, making it difficult to ascertain. Additionally, some reported an issue with the glare at night on the highway. Lastly, the product might not be suited for vehicles with a wider rearview mirror, such as specific models of Silverado.


In conclusion, the JOMISE K17 4K 12″ Rear View Mirror Camera is a great addition for any driver aiming to improve their vehicle’s safety. It packs high-end features that work perfectly during the day and flawlessly record crucial moments. Though there are a few areas for improvement, the JOMISE K17 is a reliable dash cam considering the affordable price point and provides excellent value for money.

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