Pruveeo 3 Channel Mirror Dash Cam: An In-depth Review

With an array of choices in dash cam technology today, the Pruveeo 3 Channel Mirror Dash Cam is carving out a definitive place in the market with a unique array of specifications.

Distinct Features

Boasting three distinct camera channels, this dash cam system delivers a comprehensive surveillance system for any vehicle. The front camera yields a 2K resolution, while the interior and rear encapsulate a sharp 1080P each, guaranteeing clarity in virtually all recording settings.

The display is equally impressive, centered around a 12” full touch screen. From the front seat, drivers can experience real-time views from all three cameras simultaneously on a single, user-friendly interface. This blend of modern technology and user needs is a testament to the intentionality in detail that Pruveeo brings to its dash cams.

Night Recording and Parking Monitoring

A key feature in the car camera system is the superior night vision capabilities that incorporate 4 infrared lights automatically adjusted by ambient light. This ensures that even in low-light scenarios or complete darkness, the cam collects clear images. The built-in G-sensor, when triggered by a collision, wakes the camera up from dormant mode to start recording. This smart night surveillance system delivers peace of mind for users parked overnight.

Performance & Usability

The cameras on the Pruveeo 3 Channel Dash Cam utilize high-performance CMOS sensors to consistently record HD video. Moreover, the camera’s recording angle is wide, reducing the blind spots for the driver. The calibrated 170-degree FOV for the front camera and 150-degree for the back camera ensure that both the road ahead and behind are captured in full detail.

In addition, the device is compatible with most car models on the market and attaches conveniently to the traditional rearview mirror. A notable twist is the effectiveness of the inside cabin camera that is capable of a 320° rotation, allowing for the optimal shooting angle.

Pros & Cons

Customer feedback highlights the easy installation process and its discrete position as significant advantages. Also, the quality of images and video during daytime records are praised widely. The device’s reliability has been tested, with success stories recounting excellent customer service when there were issues with faulty components.

However, challenges arise when it comes to night-time recording, particularly with the rear camera. The vision is reported as being grainy at times, and not as effective as the front and cabin camera. This is not an isolated concern, as many customers underscore the struggle when trying to use the device at night. Furthermore, some users have reported the touch screen display is difficult to view under bright sunlight, presenting a potential safety concern while driving. Also, the lack of an in-built playback feature requires users to use a secondary device to review recorded footage, which can be inconvenient.


The Pruveeo 3 Channel Mirror Dash Cam demonstrates an in-depth understanding of users’ needs in the arena of vehicle surveillance. Its powerful features, blended with a user-friendly ergonomic design, distinctive three-camera viewpoint, and a surprisingly affordable cost, make this dash cam a worthy option to consider. Although some improvements may enhance the user experience, particularly in terms of night vision capabilities and display viewability in bright sunlight, the overall performance and positive feedback from customers make a compelling case for its adoption. Given this model’s utility and affordability, it’s no surprise that it pulls a worthy 4.1/5 on Amazon.

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