HUPEJOS V7 360° 2K Dash Cam Review

The HUPEJOS V7 is an advanced dash cam that impressed us out of the box with its potential. As a multi-purpose and technologically advanced piece of kit for car enthusiasts or vigilant drivers, the product carries the promise of delivering an unrivaled experience in terms of vehicle monitoring.

The major selling point of the HUPEJOS V7 360° 2K Dash Cam, as the name suggests, is its 4-channel camera setup. Each camera can record the front, rear, left, and right of your vehicle simultaneously, with each producing high-quality 1080P footages. The resolution takes a leap to 1440p if the waterproof rear camera is disconnected – a feature that can be handy for those who prefer interior installation for their rear cameras.

One key aspect of this dash cam that we found practical and neat to use was its built-in WiFi and app connectivity. Transferring footage directly to your phone for quick sharing was pretty straightforward, and managing recordings with the TsCam App was a breeze, too. The inclusion of a high-quality 64GB SD card provided a trouble-free experience handling storage and, in our opinion, a big plus in terms of value for our money.

Promising a field of view of up to 150˚, the dash cam managed to provide a wide-angle comprehensive view. However, it seemed a tad bit ambitious as we felt the actual field of view for the side and rear cameras whittled down to somewhere closer to 100˚. Nonetheless, it still provided more road coverage than the usual dash cams out there.

When it comes to design, the HUPEJOS V7 is compact, yet packed to the brim with features. The 3.16 inch IPS screen display with improved sharpness and brightness offers a good viewer experience. An includes HDDR system that helps balance light and dark areas of the footage. However, some users may find the size of this unit a bit of a hindrance, especially if the windshield real estate is a premium.

The Super Night Vision feature with 8 IR lamps truly stands out, capturing high-definition imagery in low light conditions. Having said that, the surveillance mode could use some enhancements. The software responsible for viewing the recorded footage lagged and crashed at times, and the WiFi connection seemed unstable on occasion.

Still, the HUPEJOS V7 shines brightly in the parking surveillance arena. The 24 hours parking mode is highly reliable, and the inclusion of the unique parking intelligent monitoring system adds to the safety net. It also offers continuous recording, G-sensor Emergency Lock, voice recording and an included memory card.

In summary, the HUPEJOS V7 360° 2K Dash Cam is an all-rounder that may not be perfect but, does an excellent job in terms of providing coverage and an array of useful features at a reasonable price. With a few tweaks to the software and perhaps a bit of a trade-off in terms of size, this could be seen as an even more formidable contender in the dash cam market.

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