VIOFO HK3 ACC Hardwire Kit Review: A Retro Tech Drives In-Depth Review

VIOFO HK3 ACC Hardwire Kit: Offering Reliable Parking Mode For Retro Cars

The VIOFO HK3 ACC Hardwire Kit is a feature-rich product designed for your VIOFO A129, A129 PLUS, A129 PRO, & A119 V3 Dash Cameras, to allow for seamless operation of the parking mode. Specifically meant for these select models, it is crucial to highlight that earlier versions such as the A119 Hardwire Kit will not work with these cameras. For us, testing such an explicit compatibility was unusual but it turned out to be effective.

Coming with a 13.1ft (or 4m) long cable, it provides a suitable length for installation even in larger models such as a 2017 VW Jetta. The wires are easy to tuck away unnoticed, offering a clean finish to the setup.

A Collaborative Addition To Your Toolkit

An impressive aspect of this hardwire kit is the ability to manually set the voltage level at which you’d want the dash cam to stop recording. This thoughtful adjustment is a battery-saving feature that impressed us, as we could personally set the threshold for the voltage decrease.

However, it’s important to remember to also purchase the appropriate fuse taps to ensure professional-level results from this kit. This may increase the overall investment slightly, but it’s worth considering the result.

Simple Yet Essential

Without the VIOFO HK3 ACC Hardwire Kit, you may end up with a distracting dangling power cord around your dashboard. This kit clears all such unnecessary clutter and makes for a cleaner and better-focused cabin.

Yet, it is equally critical to acknowledge the complaints regarding the lack of a fuse tap in the package. Given its significance in safeguarding your car’s electronic wiring, the absence of this essential is quite noticeable and increases your expense.

Effective Customer Service

One aspect of our testing experience that stood out is the excellent customer service provided by VIOFO. We had one instance of a defective unit, and their prompt response and replacement service were commendable. The new unit worked perfectly, allowing us to explore all the functionalities of this hardwire kit in uninterrupted fashion.

A Conservative Gem

Despite the hardwire kit’s compatibility with the 2014 F56 Mini Cooper S, a common issue users may face is the low-voltage battery warning, usually triggered in the morning. Although it doesn’t affect the starting of the car, the long-term impact on the battery life is unknown.

Bearing that in mind, adjusting the minimum battery setting is a wise decision. We tested it with a conservative setting to limit aggressive energy pull and were satisfied with the results.

Wrapping Up

The VIOFO HK3 ACC Hardwire Kit proves to be a reliable and feature-packed tool that will enable parking mode on compatible dash cameras. From easy installation to customized operative power, it covers all grounds for convenience and safety.

Although it comes with minor drawbacks, the kit’s overall performance and the company’s prompt customer service make it a worthwhile investment for tech-savvy retro car enthusiasts.

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