70mai True 2.7K 1944P Ultra Full HD with Optional Rear Dash Cam Pro Plus+ A500S Review

In the world of retro cars, the need for modern technology is more crucial than ever. Installing a dash cam, an essential modern device, provides drivers peace of mind and additional protection against reckless road users. We at Retro Tech Drives have been exploring the depths of the 70mai True 2.7K 1944P Ultra Full HD with Optional Rear Dash Cam Pro Plus+ A500S. It boasts a variety of features and a 4.3/5 rating on Amazon. So, we decided to test it out and find if it’s worth it.

To begin, the 70mai offers formidable high-resolution image capturing capability with its Sony IMX335 image sensor. It provides clarity, whether it’s daytime or nighttime driving, thanks to its WDR and 3D DNR technologies. Also, the dash cam accommodates a rear camera, recording every detail of your drive from different angles.

The Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) was an intelligent addition to the camera. It alerts you in cases of lane drifting or getting too close to other vehicles — it’s like having a virtual co-driver. Additionally, the built-in GPS does a great job in route tracking, providing essential information like speed, time, and coordinates during your journey.

One standout feature was the 24-hour parking monitoring built into the Pro Plus+ A500S. The camera auto wakes and starts recording when it detects sudden shakes or collisions while the vehicle is parked. Albeit, we found that to fully reap its benefits, you need to separately purchase the 70mai Hardwire Kit.

The option to control the dash cam in-app was a handy feature – no more fiddling with wires or SD cards. This in-app control allows you to view and download the recorded videos via Wi-Fi, without any hassle. Furthermore, it sets the path for continuous OTA updates by automatically fixing bugs and updating software. Impressive, right?

However, in real-life tests of the dash cam, the inadequacy of the product became apparent. Despite its compact size and smart interface, we found that the camera has a tendency to heat up, even in moderate ambient temperatures. This overheating can become a potential issue, especially for those living in warmer regions, possibly impacting its longevity.

Another aspect we noticed was the loud jingle played on startup. The volume of the sound cannot be fully disabled, which can be a bit annoying for users who prefer silence. However, despite these drawbacks, our experience with the camera remained primarily positive.

The Pro Plus+ A500S provides good image quality, with user reviews affirming its ability to capture clear and crisp videos. Recordings include pertinent details like license plates, clear pictures, and the audio captures surrounding sounds effectively. Most users found the dash cam’s design unobtrusive, sleek, and easy to install, with a few minor issues.

Users reported mixed experiences with the camera’s installation and mounting. Some had issues with the camera falling off using the electrostatic sticker, rendering the camera unusable. Whereas, others had no issues with the installation process and found the device firm and durable over time.

Pressure recording, an essential feature of any dash cam, was reported to function excellently once set off, capturing about half a minute of recording that doesn’t get deleted in the regular loop-recording. A notable feature that most users praised.

Although we tested the camera in English, we acknowledge that the experiences of our Spanish-speaking friends are equally important. Some users reported problems with the GPS recording feature and others faced issues with the device’s alert volume level. Nevertheless, they were satisfied with the camera’s performance.

Overall, the 70mai True 2.7K 1944P Ultra Full HD with Optional Rear Dash Cam Pro Plus+ A500S provides impressive captures and extensive features to secure you on the road. Its shortcomings are notably grave and call for immediate attention from the manufacturer. However, the camera’s high performance, value for money, and average rating of 4.3/5 on Amazon confirms that it’s undoubtedly a worthy companion for your retro vehicles.

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