Dash Camera for Cars, Super Night Vision Dash Cam Front and Rear with 32G SD Card, 1080P FHD DVR Car Dashboard Camera DashCam Review

How do you document your epic road trips or protect yourself from reckless drivers? “Retro Tech Drives” brings you an in-depth review of the Dash Camera for Cars, Super Night Vision Dash Cam Front and Rear with 32G SD Card, a 1080P FHD DVR Car Dashboard Camera DashCam. Packed with top-tier features such as loop recording and a night vision mode, this dash cam does not disappoint.

Specifications and Features

This dash cam boasts a 1080P Full HD resolution, ensuring crisp and clear video footage. Combined with an F1.8 aperture and WDR technology, it’s set to capture every detail under any lighting condition. Whether you want to replay your exciting drives or have solid evidence in case of an accident, this camera has got you covered.

Storage isn’t a worry thanks to the complimentary 32GB SD Card, providing an endless loop of recording. Did we mention it’s compatible with a wide-angle lens for front and rear recording? Get a 170° field of view in front and 140° at the rear, ensuring you don’t miss any critical moment.

Fitted with a gravity sensor, it is ready to detect sudden movements and lock the relevant video files, enabling you not to overwrite important events. And, to compensate for a lack of vigilance while parking, it comes with a parking monitor and motion detection function. The plug and play setup sweetens the deal even more, ensuring an easy experience for users, whether you are a novice or veteran with tech gadgets.

Pros & Cons

Our team found much to love about this product from our rigorous tests. Starting with the positives, we loved the vibrant picture quality, especially at night. Users will appreciate the visual clarity as they journey through the dark. The screen size doesn’t interfere with the view of the road, but is big enough to comfortably view the recorded footage.

We found the customer service to be efficient and fast, which left us satisfied. However, be prepared to handle the setup yourself. But fear not, a bit of online research and following the instructions in the manual made the installation process manageable.

However, we did identify a few drawbacks. Some users may find the suction for the dashboard mount loses its grip over time, causing the camera to fall. Another downside is the camera system relies solely on being plugged into the car’s power source and doesn’t run on a rechargeable battery.

The quality of the rear camera might leave some users wanting more. Our team encountered issues with the rear camera failing after a significant amount of use. However, considering the price point, the camera performance and the functions it offers are still impressive.

Minor issues with the manual not fully aligning with the actual functionality of the buttons were noted too. Yet, this posed more as a minor inconvenience rather than a deal-breaker. We strongly believe the pros far outweigh the cons for this product.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a reliable and affordable dash cam, this product should be high on your consideration list. Bolster your driving safety and capture memorable journeys with this excellent product. Drive safe!

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