CHORTAU 1080P FHD Dashboard Camera Review

We at Retro Tech Drives are excited to share our experiences with the CHORTAU 2023 New Version Car Camera Recorder, a 1080P Full HD Dash Cam built specifically for cars. Designed for super night vision, loop recording, and equipped with a parking monitor, it’s a compact driving aid that packs a punch.

When it comes to evaluating the primary purpose of a dash cam: recording, the CHORTAU dash cam captures super high resolution, FHD1080P videos, flawlessly recording road signs and license plates alike. The 170° wide-angle lens adds a comprehensive view of the road, making it an invaluable eyewitness to any driving incident.

The device offers seamless loop recording synchronized with a G-sensor, automatically overwriting the oldest files as required. Notably, in case of sudden shake or collision, the camera locks the footage to prevent overwrite, ensuring crucial evidence is secured.

One additional security detail worth mentioning is its 24-hour parking monitor feature. This nifty element prompts the camera to turn on automatically and lock the current video when it senses a collision, even if the car has been parked and unattended. We found this feature to be incredibly handy for peace-of-mind.

Now on to one of our favorite aspects – how easy it is to install! You can effortlessly mount the camera to your car’s windshield using the provided suction cup and holder. Once power cables are connected and an SD card is slotted, the camera is good to go. It automatically turns on and starts recording when you start the engine.

Despite its many perks, it’s not without its drawbacks. The quality of video recording didn’t exactly blow our minds – even though it is labelled as 1080P, the output seemed to us a bit pixelated, especially in various lighting conditions. Furthermore, the device can struggle with contrasts, making scenes such as a tree-lined road on a bright sunny day look rather lackluster.

A common issue we found was with the SD card slot – the card could get stuck, necessitating the device to be dismantled. The battery, too, disappointed us as it could only hold charge for about 10 minutes without being plugged it.

Another downside is the suction cup mount, which, while firm and secure in most circumstances, might fail during a forceful hit. Also, we found navigating through the settings and format options for reviewing video recordings to be quite tedious. So, there’s a bit of a learning curve here.

In closing, the CHORTAU Dash Cam for Cars’ 1080P FHD is a budget-friendly dashboard camera with a fair range of functionalities. The device stands well for its price, with a pleasant build quality and effective recording capabilities. It may not be a complete all-rounder in the dash cam market, but considering its limitations, it still offers good value for money.

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