GKU Dash Cam Front and Rear Camera – An In-Depth Review by Vintage Vince

As a classic car enthusiast and a technology writer, I am always on the lookout for gadgets that blend the timelessness of vintage tech with the advancements of today — and it seems like GKU’s 4K/2.5K Full Dashcams for Cars fits that bill perfectly. This modern marvel of a dashcam comes equipped with a slew of impressive features that make it a strong contender in today’s market.

Remembering the Past, Embracing the Future

The future is here with this dashcam’s 4K Ultra 2160P/30fps front and 1080P rear resolution capability. You may yearn for simpler times, but there is certainly something to admire about this crisp, clear quality, which, may I remind you, is not too far off from movie theater resolutions!

Living in the Connected Age

What’s a modern gadget without some real-time interactivity? The GKU Dashcam comes with built-in WiFi and app control capabilities so you can stream, download, and easily share your footage on social media. Remember the days of manually switching out 8-track tapes? GKU Dashcam will leave those days far behind!

Loop Recording & Gravity Sensor

Remember the glory days of muscle cars that were both stunning and performed without fail? Now, we have dashcams like the GKU Dashcam that won’t let you down either. With seamless loop recording, it automatically overwrites the oldest footage once the SD card is maxed out — perfectly balancing the old with the new. On top of that, it comes equipped with a gravity sensor that automatically locks video during unusual motions, keeping them safe from being overwritten.

24/7 Monitoring & High Heat Resistance

You may not need a classic car to run 24/7, but you definitely need 24/7 monitoring with a modern-day dashcam. GKU Dashcam provides just that with its time-lapse function. Plus, with its high heat resistance, this dashcam is more than equipped to handle the heat — whether it’s from high-speed rides or a scorching summer


Installation was lauded as impressively easy, with users noting the provided instructions were detailed and easy to follow. The picture quality of both the front and rear cameras was highlighted by several users as being superb even at 2.5K for front and 1080P for rear. Additionally, the convenience of accessing and sharing videos via the Smartphone app was another standout.


While praised for its night vision capability, some users found that the clarity of the rear camera tended to diminish significantly under low-light situations — specifically, when trying to capture clear images of license plates. Additionally, accessing the recorded videos does require connecting to the dash cam’s WiFi, which some found inconvenient.


Despite its minor shortcomings, the high praise from users, coupled with its impressive 4.5/5 rating on Amazon, makes the GKU Dashcam a worthy companion for your beloved classic cars. Amidst the nostalgia and timeless design of our vintage vehicles, we should embrace the benefits of modern tech that provide security, clarity, and a fresh perspective on the road ahead.

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