There are few things more satisfying for a car enthusiast than combining the charm of retro cars with modern gadgets. In light of that, we at Retro Tech Drives decided to test out the RV Backup Camera Wireless from AMTIFO, suitable for Furrion Pre-Wired Mounts.

Product Features

This rear-view camera system is versatile and can be fitted into not only RVs but 5th wheels, campers, tractor, semi-trucks to name a few. This capacity to adapt it to various large vehicles makes it a great choice for fleet owners. One of the alluring features is that the camera is equipped with 9 infrared lights. This feature enhances night visibility and ensures safer trips. Furthermore, this camera takes parking elements into consideration and include adjustable parking lines. The level of adjustment available here is incredibly satisfactory.

AMTIFO uses the latest wireless technology, achieving a substantial 50% improvement in antenna power, transmission distance, stability, and durability. Furthermore, the DVR recording function enables continuous recording, making it a reliable companion during your trips. The splash-resistant design is a nice touch, boasting a proud IP69K rating, implying it is resistant to water and dust. The much-appreciated touch key sensor enhances the product’s durability and performance.

User Experiences

A lot of users found the installation to be easy and quick, requiring barely 30 minutes. The image quality is robust, and the field of view is wider than expected. Most users mentioned that the service and support from AMTIFO’s customer service team was prompt and dedicated. They played a significant role in problem solving and offering necessary replacements.

The majority of users stated that this camera system is a valuable asset for safer and easier parking. The camera system proved itself handy during high-speed towing, even though a limited number of users reported occasional lags. These were, however, solved by installing an external antenna, as advised by the customer service team. The product was appreciated for its affordability despite providing high-quality products and services similar to brands like Furrion.

It’s noteworthy that the connectivity of the device was flawless. Some users did face initial issues with pairing but were ultimately able to resolve this easily. There were few complaints about the buttons on the screen being unresponsive at times.

Is this the right backup camera for you?

These findings affirm that the Amtifo A8 RV Backup Camera provides a quality solution that brings together the rich aesthetics of retro travel with modern tech. Its exceptional image clarity, enhanced night vision, secure wireless functionalities, and the advantage of being easy to install make it a worthy investment. Acknowledging that user experiences may vary, it’s clear this backup camera system is a reliable option for retro model enthusiasts looking to mesh old-school charm with high-tech gadgetry. Retro Tech Drives gives this product a solid thumbs up.

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