The Must-Have AMTIFO A1 Backup Camera Mirror HD 1080P

Remember when our classic motor vehicles solely depended on drivers’ skill and acute vision to park? Those were the days! However, the times have changed and technology has leveled up. Enter the AMTIFO A1 Backup Camera Mirror HD 1080P, a brilliant fusion of vital safety technology and crystal-clear visuals making you a better driver.

Features And Specifications

This backup camera mirror system has been designed with care and technology insight. Ease of installation is evident as the system can be simply connected to the car’s rearview mirror and the cigarette lighter or with a USB power cord. The mirror backup camera offers a sorted wired connection giving a stable and undistorted image clarity.

One of the highlights is its superb HD 1080P resolution and color night vision. Along with a wide 150-degree viewing angle and 7 LED lights, the rearview mirror backup camera kit is a titan in high-quality imaging, offering vibrant colors and sharp detailing across all lighting conditions.

Boasting multi-functional backing camera feature, this backup camera system can be used in various scenarios. Its robust IP69 waterproof property, switch rear function and the mirror backup camera bracket hidden under the license plate make it not only functional but exceptionally user-friendly.

The backup camera system presents a 4.3-inch mirror screen, easily hooked on the car’s original rear view mirror. With in-built adjustable guide lines – up, down, left, and right – and screen attributes such as brightness, contrast, saturation, and tint, this camera is truly superior in customization.

Pros And Cons

Having thoroughly tested this ingenious technology, we’re delighted to report that the AMTIFO A1 Backup Camera Mirror is indeed a remarkable creation. Its ease of installation was greatly appreciated and even for complex vehicles like BMW X5 and Honda Civic LX, the installation experienced was hassle-free.

The high-quality image resolution, great night vision, adjustable guide lines, and quick response when engaged in reverse were among the features that stood out the most. The responsiveness of the customer service was also a delightful experience, which came in handy when troubleshooting car specific issues.

However, on the flip side, while the overall image quality was impressive, on some occasions, we noticed the picture might get slightly wavy or static. Certain vehicles may require an extension AV cable for proper installation. A touch of blue tint on the rearview mirror was also observed, which could get a bit distracting in specific lighting conditions.

Another important aspect to note is that the device straps onto the factory mirror and does not replace it. This might be a surprise for some users expecting the mirror itself to be the screen. Also, for those wearing polarized sunglasses, the screen display turns invisible – a minor yet impactful factor to consider.


With all things considered, the AMTIFO A1 Backup Camera Mirror exudes exceptional value for its performance and quality. Despite a few drawbacks, many of which are car-specific, the overall user experience was overwhelmingly positive. If you’re into upgrading your classic ride with some modern tech or simply wish to improve your parking skills, the AMTIFO A1 Backup Camera Mirror is a fantastic choice.

The vintage charm of a classic car paired with today’s technological advancements, what’s there not to love!

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