Fahren Termitor 2023 Upgraded H11/H9/H8 LED Headlight Bulbs: A Comprehensive Review

Embrace the nostalgia of vintage cars while enhancing visibility with the Fahren Termitor H11/H9/H8 LED Headlight Bulbs. In this review, we will delve deep into what makes these bulbs a boon for any classic car enthusiasts seeking both, charm and practicality.

An Illuminating Upgrade

The Fahren Termitor headlights employ the newly developed Z10 technology, utilizing a dozen high-power double-sided LED chips. This results in an impressive 800% increase over standard bulbs, providing an output of 30,000LM per bulb. Effectively, this means that drivers can relish their retro drives with the brightest possible visibility.

Superior Construction and Performance

The premium construction of the Fahren Termitor LEDs consists of a robust aviation aluminum body, a thermostatic copper plate, and a 20,000RPM cooling fan. This strategic combination lends the lights superior durability, ensuring stable operation and a long lifespan of 60,000 hours on average.

Installation Simplified

Gone are the days of puzzling over complex installations with the Fahren Termitor’s straightforward construction. Unlike most LED bulbs in the market, these lights are specially optimized for easy installation, streamlining the replacement process.

Optimized Lighting Pattern

These headlights deliver a superb beam pattern, effectively eliminating dark spots or shadowed areas that often compromise on-road safety. Having undergone numerous tweaks and calibrations, the lights provide an unmatched level of visibility, especially beneficial for retro car enthusiasts who insist on capturing the original charm of their vehicles.

Accommodating Canbus System

The inclusion of an advanced Canbus driver system is the icing on the cake. This feature ensures higher compatibility across various retro models, adding to the universality of the Fahren Termitor headlights.

Customer Feedback: Positive and Negative

Per our extensive usage and testing, the Fahren Termitor headlights overwhelmingly impress. Users were particularly pleased with the dramatic improvement in their nighttime visibility. However, some users reported having to manually adjust the brightness due to its high intensity.

A minority of users reported minor manufacturing discrepancies that required slight modifications for a perfect fit. However, they found the lights to be impressively bright and significantly better than conventional halogen bulbs.

Many users appreciated the cool white color of the headlights, finding them to offer a much cleaner light for nighttime driving. Moreover, they praised the sharp cutoff line and minimal glare, which dramatically enhances safety for both the driver and oncoming traffic.

Our testing did reveal a minor issue – the inability for certain models to rotate the tabs for optimal installation. One such case came to light in the form of a user who had upgraded their older model high beams with the Fahren Termitor bulbs. Although disappointed with this slight design flaw, they acknowledged the significantly superior brightness of the new bulbs.


Ultimately, our rigorous assessment and user feedback underscore the Fahren Termitor headlights as a worthy investment for retro car enthusiasts. Offering a unique amalgamation of nostalgia and performance, these bulbs deliver on their promises, transforming night driving into a safe and enjoyable experience. Despite minor setbacks regarding fitting issues in some models, the enhanced brightness, sturdy construction, and long lifespan make the Fahren Termitor H11/H9/H8 LED Headlight Bulbs a standout choice for those yearning for a modern twist to their beloved vintage rides.

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