WOLFBOX USB C Hardwire Kit: An Essential For Retro Car Tech Savvy Drivers

When it comes to providing constant dash cam power to your retro ride, the WOLFBOX USB C Hardwire Kit stands out in the market as an endearing odds-on favorite. Designed to fuel a wide range of dash cams, the hardwire kit is the perfect companion for protecting your car, especially during parking mode.


The Kit furnishes an impressive 5V/2A steady output, with voltage input supporting from 12V-24V. It’s compatible with almost all dash cam brands available, making it a highly sought-after addition to any vintage dash cam unit. Working directly with the battery, the 3.5m hardwire kit ensures constant, around-the-clock car protection, a feature that will undoubtedly appeal to those concerned about car theft or vandalism.

The WOLFBOX USB C Hardwire Kit not only provides constant power but also features a power supply that directly connects to the ignition wire. This ingenious feature basically means you won’t have to worry about plugging in the charger or turning the dashcam on. The included smart low voltage protection system shields your vehicle’s battery from drainage by automatically shutting off power to the dashcam when the battery gets too low. This peace of mind alone makes the kit worth every penny.


Based on extensive testing, the WOLFBOX USB C Hardwire Kit has more pros than cons. Predominantly, the provision of a constant power supply and a smart voltage protection mechanism in one package is a winning blend. Easy integration with various dashcam units adds to the kit’s overall convenience, making it an excellent choice for most car owners.

Another notable merit is the practical instructions included in the kit’s package. Not only do they enable a relatively straightforward setup, but they also help pinpoint and troubleshoot common problems. The manufacturer’s proactive customer service is also worthy of applause. They are quick to respond to queries and provide solutions, going as far as sending replacement units when necessary.


Despite its many advantages, the WOLFBOX USB C Hardwire Kit is not without flaws. Our research revealed that some units were incompatible with certain mirror cams. For instance, the older Wolfbox G840S model comes with a mini USB charging port instead of the advertised Type C connector, which led to some installation hiccups.

Other feedback indicated that the hardwire box often fell short in lenth for larger vehicles. The need for additional purchase of wire extensions or adapters showcased a slight oversight in the product’s design. Some users also reported that the terminals pulled out during the removal, indicating potential issues with the durability.


All in all, the WOLFBOX USB C Hardwire Kit’s features and performance outweigh the minor drawbacks highlighted. The 4.5/5 Amazon rating indeed reflects the customer satisfaction and positive experience most users enjoy. For anyone looking to invest wisely into their car’s security, this hardwire kit is undoubtedly worth considering.

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