iiwey T1-pro Dash Cam Review

The automotive world is no stranger to technology, with modern vehicles boasting impressive features and gadgets. One such gadget that no car should be without, especially in this era of increasing on-road incidents, is a dashcam. Enter the iiwey T1-pro Dash Cam, a feature-packed unit that primarily functions to capture on-road happenings but does so much more. As tech enthusiasts, we’ve grown to appreciate devices such as these, especially when they perform as well as the T1-pro does.

The first things that grab your attention about the iiwey T1-pro are its adjustable triple lens and incredible night vision. Whether you wish to record the front, rear and inside view or the left, right and back views of your car, this dash cam has you covered. The 170° wide field of vision for the front and side cameras and a 140° rear camera captures every crucial detail.

Elevating its prowess further is an exceptional night vision capability. Thanks to the 8 IR lamps, the left and right cameras render sharp and bright footage even in low-light scenarios. It’s recommended for Uber and taxi drivers and proves to be a reliable partner in after-dark drives.

The iiwey T1-pro impresses with its recording abilities too. It supports dual recording in 1080p for the front and side cameras, supplemented by VGA resolution for the rear camera. The resultant video quality is clear, crisp, and comprehensive. Credit goes to the upgraded Novatek chipset and sensor.

A standout feature is the loop-recording and auto-lock collision videos. In essence, the latest footage replaces the oldest, but the important ones get automatically saved during emergencies. Other functionalities like the parking monitor and manual video locking add to the overall protection.

User feedback revealed a few issues. Some users mentioned unreliable video recordings of crucial incidents and problem with the continuous power cycles of the device. However, the iiwey T1-pro dashcam offers an excellent overall package with clear video recording, wide viewing angles, and commendable low-light performance. It’s not perfect, but it sure does pack a lot of punch for a dashcam in its price segment.

On the flip side, there’s generous customer appreciation for easy setup, brilliant recording angles, and exceptional customer service. The loop recording, G-sensor, and parking monitor features were rated highly for enhancing safety and providing peace of mind on road. Drivers praised the reliability, advanced features, and performance of this dashcam.

Our verdict: If you’re looking for a reliable, feature-rich dashcam that won’t break the bank, the iiwey T1-pro Dash Cam makes a viable choice. With its few weaknesses vastly outshone by its strengths, it certainly gets our nod of approval as a device that does justice to its purpose.

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