Pelsee P12 Pro 4K Mirror Dash Cam: A Comprehensive Review

We’ve spent considerable time testing one of the latest dash cams on the market, the Pelsee P12 Pro 4K Mirror Dash Cam, and we have quite a lot to share in this comprehensive review. Whether you’re a retro car enthusiast looking to bring your ride into the digital age, or simply in the market for an impressive dash cam, you may find the Pelsee P12 Pro an intriguing option. Let’s dive in!

Stunning 4K Camera Resolution

The Pelsee P12 Pro features a 4K ultra high-definition front camera. Its HDR technology ensures clear recording, capturing crucial details such as license plates and road signs. Unfortunately, if you’re driving at night, the rear camera doesn’t exhibit as impressive performance, as it struggles to offer clear visibility beyond the oncoming headlights.

ADAS And BSD Features For Enhanced Safety

Safety features are where the Pelsee P12 Pro truly shines. The Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) effectively alerts for potential collisions, pedestrians, or lane departure, notably enhancing safety while on the move. Plus, the Blind Spot Detection (BSD) function keeps you informed of any potential threats in blind spots when changing lanes or reversing, which most testers found highly useful.

Convenient Voice Commands And GPS Location

The Pelsee P12 Pro includes a useful voice control feature that seems reliable in most instances. However, it can occasionally misinterpret some commands, requiring manual adjustments. The built-in GPS tracking proved to be an indispensable feature, constituting a solid backup for collision evidence or route history.

Parking Monitor & Storage Space

Even when parked, the P12 Pro’s parking monitor ensures your vehicle’s security. It records a locked 20-second video when it detects a collision, although it requires an additional hardwire kit to function. Also, the loop recording coupled with the free 32GB memory card that’s included minimises the chances of missing any important evidence.

Some Flaws

Despite its strengths, the P12 Pro does have a few drawbacks. Installation can be challenging due to short cables, and the brightness of the display sometimes struggles in direct sunlight. Also, if you’re driving a larger vehicle, you might face challenges concerning the rear camera’s field of view, as some users found it quite narrow.

In Summary

The Pelsee P12 Pro 4K Mirror Dash Cam, overall, offers a wealth of features at a good price point. Its advanced safety systems, combined with a high-resolution front camera and user-friendly features, make it a worthwhile choice for drivers. Although the shortcomings are worth noting, they don’t undermine the overall usability and benefits of this device. Therefore, we give it a strong 4.4 out of 5 rating.

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