Jansite’s 10” Mirror Dash Cam Night Vision 1080P FHD Full Touch Screen Front and Rear View Backup Camera for Cars: A Comprehensive Review

Welcome to another hands-on review from the retro-tech lab of Garage Guru Gary. This time, we shifted our tinkering skills in digital gear, specifically, checking out Jansite’s 10” Mirror Dash Cam. Boasting a 1080P full touch screen, front and rear cameras, super night vision, and various safety features, this device is designed to bring the tech of current vehicles to our beloved retro cars. But does it live up to its hype? Buckle up and let’s take a closer look.

First Impressions and Setup

The Jansite Mirror Dash Cam made a solid first impression straight out of the box – literally solid, with a sturdy build quality indicating it was made to last. Although the installation part involves some planning and work, it’s well worth it. The included 33ft cable is a welcome addition as it solves the usual problem of short camera cables for large or lengthy cars.

Performance and Image Quality

The Jansite Mirror Dash Cam performs admirably with a dual 1080P front and rear Sony IMX cameras, delivering crisp and clear video even at a distance. The 10″ IPS streaming media full touch screen offers a threefold wider view than traditional rearviews. However, the mirror dash cam does seem to struggle with strong daytime light, making the image in the display a bit challenging to see. Polarized sunglasses, unfortunately, exacerbate this issue as the screen becomes virtually invisible with them on.

Super Night Vision & Parking Assistance

With an enhanced night vision backed by a 6-layer glass lens, this dash cam captures vivid videos in low light conditions. While reversing, parking assist lines automatically display, significantly reducing blind spots and parking stress. One potential upgrade could be more lens adjustment options to uniquely cater to different vehicle designs.

Recording and Storage Capacity

The device is equipped with a loop recording feature, effectively utilizing storage by overwriting old footage. Should a collision happen, the built-in G-Sensor automatically locks the relevant video, which is saved separately and not overwritten. There’s support for an SD card up to 128 GB, but the card is not included. However, some users have reported that it’s a bit challenging to navigate playback and locate specific recording sections.


For all its upsides, the Jansite Mirror Dash Cam isn’t without minor setbacks. Some users have reported occasional rebooting issues and an occasional instance of the device freezing up. This might hint at software stability issues that need tweaking. While the glare effect can be managed, it might need an anti-glare film for constant clarity.

Final Verdict

Overall, the Jansite 10” Mirror Dash Cam is a solid performer given its price, offering a comprehensive suite of features for safety and convenience. It provides excellent image quality, a broad view field, and crucial parking assistance, making it a valuable addition to any retro ride. It does have room for improvement, particularly in terms of visibility in bright light, but its performance, coupled with its easy installation, makes it a worthy investment.

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