A Detailed Review of 4K Dash Cam Front with SD Card, Kussla WiFi Dash Camera for Cras

A Detailed Review of 4K Dash Cam Front with SD Card, Kussla WiFi Dash Camera for Cras

The industry of dashboard cameras has witnessed unprecedented growth over the last few years, and as a result of fierce competition, products are continually improving, offering better features and lower prices. One product that has caught our attention is the 4K Dash Cam Front with SD Card, Kussla WiFi Dash Camera for Cras.

The dashcam boasts top-notch specifications with an impressive FHD 3840x2160P at 30 fps video resolution, which caters to clear and detailed footage regardless of lighting conditions. A 170° wide-angle field of view ensures comprehensive coverage of the road ahead of your vehicle. Notably, the product comes with an inbuilt 64GB SD card – an adequate storage option for your recordings. Unfortunately, we found that 64GB might not be sufficient for some users, considering the large file sizes generated by 4K video content.

One of the dashcam’s standout features is its seamless integration with WiFi and a dedicated mobile APP for Android and iOS smartphones. However, while the APP stands as a futuristic addition to dashcam control, several hurdles hinder its flawless operation. The app requires a WiFi connection to the dashcam, causing your smartphone to lose connectivity to other networks, which was a bit inconvenient during our testing.

The product takes a step further, enhancing its usability off the road too. It features an intuitive parking monitoring system that activates the camera during a collision when parked. The dashcam also has a supercapacitor for extreme weather conditions, improving its durability and life span. However, there were a few instances among our team where the camera did not turn on, which was a bit concerning.

As for the nighttime recordings, the dashcam seems to perform admirably thanks to the incorporation of IR lamps and wide dynamic range (WDR) technology. Together, they work in harmony to provide clear, noise-less footage during dark or low-light conditions, a prowess matched by few other dashcams in its price range.

The loop recording function and the built-in G-sensor fortify the reliability of this Kussla dashcam as a security tool. The former allows the dashcam to overwrite the oldest videos when the SD card gets full, ensuring continuous recording, whereas the G-sensor locks accident videos, preventing them from being overwritten. Yet, as we found, the image quality seemed closer to 1080P in some instances, although the display read 4K.

The suction cup mount provided in the package didn’t meet our expectations. We had a few instances where the dashcam fell on the dash, prompting us to use the adhesive 3M mount. The adhesive mount proved to be sturdier and more reliable during our tests. Coupled with its efficient size, the dashcam maintains a low profile on the windshield, significantly minimizing visual obstruction.

The customer service from Kussla is worth noting as well. The product comes with a 12-month worry-free after-sales customer service that should give you peace of mind.

In conclusion, despite a few hitches, the 4K Dash Cam Front with SD Card, Kussla WiFi Dash Camera for Cras offers a comprehensive package of standard and advanced features at a reasonable price, earning an impressive score of 4.6/5 from us. It is well-equipped to provide safety and evidence when you need it the most – be it for regular commutes, during a road trip, or even when parked.

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