ORSKEY Dash Cam for Cars Front and Rear with SD Card 1080P Full HD in Car Camera Dual Lens Dashcam Review

As experts in retro car technologies, our team set out to review ORSKEY Dash Cam for Cars Front and Rear, promising a 1080P Full HD experience with a dual lens dashcam. This product came with an in-built SD card and a series of other confidence-inspiring features, and we are excited to share our findings.


The ORSKEY dash cam comes equipped with two cameras providing full HD resolution, partnered with a 170° wide-angle lens. This combination captures every road detail while driving, ensuring nothing slips past unnoticed. Both cameras boast superior night vision quality, thanks to the high-quality Sony Sensor, outshining most competitors.

Also, the front camera records in HD 1920x1080P / 30FPS, guaranteeing explicit videos, all thanks to its high-performance CPU and high-end image sensor. As for functions, the dual car camera provides loop recording, G-sensor, parking monitoring, motion detection, and HDR function. It brings an included 32GB high-endurance micro-SD memory card.


Installation was generally straightforward, with all components included for setup and operation. The clear instructions and the possibility to tuck in cables along the headliner made user experience quite positive. We found the automatic reverse camera triggering when connected to the reverse light to be quite a handy feature.

The camera provides a remarkably clear view during both day and night. It was a hit among our team members, providing peace of mind in case of accidents, thanks to the comprehensive video recording. The 32GB memory card included is sufficient and could record continuously by copying over the oldest videos.


However, no product is without faults and some minor ones were noted. For instance, finding a specific time and date of the recording was challenging, complicating the process of referencing a particular incident.

Another issue was with the SD card support. Despite the 32GB card included, the device fills up quickly and sometimes fails to record over the oldest videos, as it’s supposed to do. The dashcam’s motion detection and parking mode lack proper functionality as well. It cannot distinguish between driving and parking mode, causing unnecessary alerts during drives.

Lastly, a few users reported minor problems with the camera’s adhesive, causing it to fall off shortly after installation, while navigating the menu was found to be trying for some users.

In conclusion, the ORSKEY dash cam is a performer by all standards, offering solid specs and high-quality recordings. While it does have few shortcomings, its pros outshine the cons. It is a solid investment definitely worth considering for your retro ride.

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