Kussla 3-Channel Dash Cam Front, Rear, and Inside: An In-Depth Review

As retro car enthusiasts, we understand the importance of preserving and protecting our vehicles. For this, we’ve tested the 3 Channel Dash Cam from Kussla that promises to be a complete surveillance solution for our beloved vehicles. This dashcam offers FHD 1080P recording capability, a rotatable camera, and super night vision, but does it live up to the hype?

Specifications and Features

The Kussla 3 Channel dashcam is designed with a primary aim: complete visibility and recording. The system offers coverage both inside the car and on the front and rear sides. Kussla employs an FHD1080P+720P+720P setup, offering clear video recording. Uniquely, the interior camera can rotate 180°, capturing a full view of the cabin. The device comes pre-loaded with a 32GB SD card.

With its upgraded Sony IMX335 STARVIS sensor, Kussla tries to cover us even in minimal light. The lens compensates for blind spots and offers crystal clear footage, even in challenging weather. The 3-channel dashcam takes advantage of WDR technology to enhance viewing angles and night vision capabilities.

Installation and Usability

The dashcam has been designed with a beginner-friendly approach. The cam camera suction cup, provided in the kit, is capable of 360° rotation making the installation process a breeze. The dashcam has built-in motion detection and 24-hour parking monitoring functions, ensuring car protection even while unattended.


We found no issues with the functionality of the dashcam, the picture quality was generally good and the device operates seamlessly when the car starts. Night recording provided sufficient visibility, a feature we value particularly. We admired the Kussla’s maintenance of consistent image quality in diverse driving and lighting conditions.

Pros and Cons

Our testing crew identified the compact design as one of the biggest advantages, which contributes to minimized view distraction. The ease of installation also stood out with the device proving to be user-friendly and intuitive right out of the box.

However, some of us felt that the display screen could have been larger for a better viewing experience and the fact that this unit does not have Wi-Fi connectivity was viewed as a drawback by some. Another anomaly surfaced when we had difficulties reading the provided SD card on multiple devices.


Despite a few concerns, the overall utility and comprehensive coverage offered by Kussla’s 3 Channel Dash Cam tilt the balance in Kussla’s favor. The dashcam offers decent value for the price, and is particularly suitable for those prioritizing protection and surveillance of their vehicles over other luxuries. On the rating scale, we found it deserving of a solid 4.2 out of 5!

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