Vlokda Dual Dash Cam Front and Inside FHD 1080P Camera for Cars: A Comprehensive Review

The Dual Dash Cam Front and Inside by Vlokda is truly a game-changer in the realm of automotive safety and surveillance. With a commendable Amazon rating of 4.2/5, the dashcam offers a 1080P front and inside cabin system, complemented by an expansive 170° angle and rotatable 180° cabin camera. It’s specially designed for ride-hailing, taxi drivers, and families who want assurance of safety while on the road.

Renowned for its exceptional infrared night vision capabilities, this dashcam employs an f/2.0 large aperture and WDR technology, enhancing image clarity and illuminating night shots. An added advantage is the integration of the G-sensor, which detects sudden collisions, automatically locks the footage, and staves off video overwriting.

Equipped with parking monitoring and motion detection, this dashcam bears witness to any collision, auto-activates, records 30 seconds of protected video, and then shuts down. Prefer 24-hour surveillance? Simply connect it to a Hardwire Kit. Add in a loop recording feature, supporting a 64GB SD card, and you have an exceptional dashcam that surely ticks all the boxes.

But let’s dive deeper into our experience with this product. One surprising aspect we encountered was the superior video quality, which exceeded our expectations. Recording is crystal-clear, ensuring you miss no detail, big or small. However, we did face a challenge with the suction mount; it had difficulty adhering to the windshield initially, demanding a bit more effort to set up.

The dashcam’s practicality could be a subject of interest for some users. Several customers found it not as intuitive as expected, with a few remarks on its programming complexity. Specifically, users found problems with the USB setup, stating that it wasn’t made for vehicles. However, once set up properly, the dashcam functioned impeccably.

The camera’s admirable lightness might stir enthusiasm, despite its substantial footprint, although this also means the device is quite noticeable from the outside. An area to potentially improve is the button layout, which could be more user-friendly. For us, the power button was a bit confounding, positioned among other functions. We also noted that the screen icons were small, somewhat cluttering the display.

Another point worth mentioning is the dashcam’s capability to be powered via USB, which is a plus if your car lacks a 12V cigarette plug. One minor letdown is the slightly wavy display, reminiscent of an old interlaced TV, though it doesn’t hinder usage.

As for the attractive features, the motion detection and G-force sensor are worth the mention. Easy setup is also a big plus. However, fine-tuning the advanced functions may require a closer look at the manual.

In conclusion, the Dual Dash Cam Front and Inside FHD 1080P Camera for Cars, despite minor grievances, offers excellent overall value considering its affordable cost. So, if you are seeking a high-quality, feature-packed dashcam that won’t break the bank, this could be your perfect match.

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